Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Short History of My Zombie War

Braaaaaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiins..... LOL.

Here are some things about me and the Zombie Apocalypse:

1. I secretly crave it because I won't be one of those stupid survivors.
2. I secretly dread it because I wear contact lenses and I'm afraid I will run out of replacements or lose them and eventually not be able to see. I'm going to need a good, loyal team to help me. I promise I'll try to earn my keep if you promise not to abandon me. Alone. Blind. In the woods with zombies...
3. The Walking Dead freaks me out. Too sad, too scary.
4. When I ran Dusk of the Dead for my HackMaster group, Jamie coined the phrase "I'm in a healthy place." I find myself using that a lot.

*Without giving too much away (if you haven't played it), Dusk of the Dead revolves around a zombie attack. I had the group cornered in a second story room, under assault by the zombie hoard. They were doing all right against the onslaught, until Takane the cleric was separated from her friends. Kira's character called across the room to see if she was all right. Takane replied, "I'm okay. I'm in a healthy place," having lost no hit points and holding off the ravenous undead with a combination of spells and staff. She said this about one or two counts (seconds) before my d20 (the rat bastard) decided to start rolling high for once. (I have such unruly dice.) As a GM, I don't exactly look forward to killing PCs. If it happens, it happens, but I don't enjoy it and I especially don't seek it out. (I've been in conversations where GMs talk about how to murder PCs for being stupid or just not quite up to their standards and it pisses me off.) And I'd be really sad if Takane, Jamie's Caregiver cleric, died at the hands of the undead, or anything really. Takane is kind of what the entire party revolves around.

So with Takane in a suddenly un "healthy" place, they all rushed to the rescue and disaster was averted. All of the zombies were destroyed in the end. Dusk of the Dead remains one of my favorite Kenzer & Company adventures. Rumor has it there will be a new Halloween adventure this year and I CAN'T WAIT. (Was that too fangirly?) (Oh well.) (Deal with it.) Finally, every time Takane takes a hit, everyone is certain to ask her if she's in a healthy place. :)*

5. The building I work in has a roof hatch and many good escape routes. It also has a pharmacy, so hit me up for those needed antibiotics.