Friday, July 31, 2015

One day is not enough

Even if it's one of the best days ever. 

GenCon for the first time since 2009. :)

I went to witness the KoDT Live Action Series premiere. Even though I was a backer, one of two with priority for this event, it was more about showing support for Jolly, Barb, and Kenzer and Company. 

1d10p Premiere Table 
1. Zombie Orpheus Entertainment are legends. When Ken Whitman backed out of the event, ZOE saved it. Stop reading and post a thank you on their Facebook wall or support them on Patreon. 
2. The GenCon staff was incredible. This is now my Official Favorite Con because of the way they reacted to the situation. Professional and compassionate. 
3. Kenzer & Company did all they could to help their fans. That's how they roll. 
4. The actors are fantastic people and perfectly cast. The movie itself is magical stuff. 
5. I have the best movie prop thanks to them and Craig Zipse. :)
6. Two beers in and this is a little sappy, but shut up!
7. I hope the movie does not get trapped in controversy and everyone that wants to gets to see it. 
8. My memory is good. Very good. I won't let anyone else be taken without a fight. 
9. If she says the K word, give Barb a hug. 
10. Jolly can write a fantastic script. Let's hope this isn't the last time we see the Knights live. 
P. Thank you, Dave Kenzer, for the perspective. ;)