Monday, July 27, 2015

Note from Jolly: KoDT LAS GenCon

"Hey folks, Ken Whitman canceled the After Party out of spite apparently. We are working on a new venue and some entertainment for backers. Now I don't have access to the kickstarter data and Ken's not providing it. So I have no idea who paid/backed for special seating and/or the after party. If you are reading this (and please spread the word because I know a lot of backers don't check here) please contact me at jolly at kenzerco dot com. If we can get a list and get some details (time/place) we'd love to have you and thank you for supporting the project. There are some great folks helping with this effort - I will reveal who they are when they are ready to release the details. All I can say that despite Ken's behavior this is a great industry filled with a lot of great people still. In short - Ken can't take our party away. ;)"

-Via Facebook and Kickstarter

(In case this helps get the word out. If this relates to you, please contact Jolly.)