Thursday, July 02, 2015

Live blogging HackMaster!!

Sort of. I guess its not live blogging if I don't post to the blog until the game is over.

So far we've determined that vanilla wafers make good emergency mini bases. Kill the monster, eat the base.

We need to talk about your animal companion. She's huge and she's eating all the food. 

They found Uncle Dil's diary. 

"I swear at the door." Takene didn't find the secret door. 

Can we poke it with a stick? Hells yeah. 

Me: Skeletons!
Dwarf: Meh. 
Goddamn it. 

Because the game is the perfect time to trim the cat's claws... ^^

We're going to hold hands and do the safety walk through this cavern. Cue "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Oh no, not the fucking coupons... (There's a story here.) 

"Well, I was an internationally ranked player..." (And another story...)