Thursday, July 09, 2015


Comment I posted on the KoDT LAS Kickstarter today:

I’ve been actively involved with Kenzer & Company since about 2003. KoDT was my introduction to their products. I play and promote their game HackMaster. I volunteer to help them out when I can. These are the nicest people in the world. They take care of their fans. This is the worst thing I can think of happening to them, that someone might steal their credibility and worse, betray their trust. 

I backed KoDT at $450 for my husband and I to attend the GenCon premiere and after party. I have not received anything except my KoDT Covers hardcover book. I’m a little surprised I got that at all. Two of my friends also backed at a level to receive the book and actually got TWO copies, when they were only supposed to get one. They returned the second copy to Jolly in exchange for the HackMaster GMG they actually expected and Jolly was able to give that book to another backer, another good friend, who did not receive his. 

My package was supposed to include front row seats to the premiere and admission to the party. I have not received any tickets or emails or any sort of confirmation for either event. I am flying across the country in three weeks to attend this premiere with no assurance that we will be allowed in, apart from knowing Jolly will take care of it. Except this shouldn’t be up to Jolly to take care of. In addition to movie props and more 20 Years of Covers books, Ken has sold front row seats to this event at considerably less than I backed for. How many seats can there be? The venue wasn’t even determined when he started asking for money for those seats. 

When I found out the second part of the series was going to be shown at Nexus, I was upset. I always thought the premiere was set for GenCon. I’ve held off watching any of it to at least make that experience a little bit special.  

Honestly, I didn’t care about rewards. I wanted to help my friends have a dream become reality. I saw the way they lit up when they talked about this. I had the resources at the time to help and wanted to do something good for them. I did not want to finance Ken’s tropical vacation or his new car. I have no proof that is what my money went to, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. 

The lack of consideration for backers of this project is staggering. Banning people from contributing, calling them names, ignoring their questions, and lying are not appropriate methods for dealing with an angry customer. I don’t know that this project was ever intended to be reality. I can imagine Ken either thinks he’s going to pull this off or is sitting at home putting off thinking about it in the hope it will all go away. 

Truth is, even if he does pull it off, I’d never support another project from him based on the way he treats people. I’m sorry my friends have gone through this. He used and abused them. Ken Whitman does not deserve another thought from us.