Monday, July 27, 2015

If you need help...

I'm tired, so this isn't going to be very good. 

I don't do Facebook drama, so it was a unique experience watching my News Feed blow up this morning with the latest news about the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series. It was all extremely terrible and heartbreaking to watch. And I guess I should join with everyone else saying never give money to Ken Whitman again. It's getting recorded all over the internet by people with bigger audiences than mine. And I don't really want to write about that anyway. The only thing going through my head (apart from dragons, dragons, glitter nail polish, travel anxiety, I'm a little hungry, beer, "shut up and dance with me", and tired) is...I want to write about the people that got hurt. Not the one who did the hurting. He doesn't deserve any more words. 

All I want to say is that Jolly Blackburn is one of the sweetest people I know. He might say otherwise, but he really can draw. ;) He's the best storyteller. And if you're lucky enough to know him, you know how kind this guy is. How he really cares about his fans, this world, these characters. 

Barbara Blackburn lets me talk her ear off at cons and spill out my heart about ridiculous things. ;) Once upon a time we played best friends in an online HackMaster game. Chimi and Gabby 4ever. 

The most at peace I have ever been includes one night at Sarah Con ;) when a bunch of us sat around a campfire in the yard after dark, talking about stuff.  

They've let me cry on their shoulders and sneak into an awards show. They raised the sweetest little girl. They've opened their home to us. I've signed the door to the loft. And who am I but one of a bunch of fans who I am sure have similar stories. 

They are awesome people who deserve to have their movie be seen, to have a fun party on Thursday night, and all the good stuff coming their way. I think they'll get that. They always look for the good, even when it feels like a great time to get angry and hit things. They have a big extended family of fans watching their backs. Looking at that Facebook feed, it was easy to think today was a big drama, but Barb said it was good, too, because it was bringing out all of this support. They got to see who really cared about them. I want to be like that, always finding the upside. So inside of the heartbreak and the terrible, it was great to see all of those voices supporting our friends.