Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mission Statement

I promise to write down the adventures I think of even if they are girly and feature unicorns. 

I moved all of the books to a spot next to my desk. They lived on a couple of shelves for a while and things tipped over when I moved them, so I didn't pick them up enough and instead went for the PDFs. Kind of the same. Not quite the same. Some of these books are super special. 

Started typing away at a few things the other night and walked away from two paragraphs in pain from typing. If I get stupid injured from not writing, I'm going to punch something with my pathetic injured arms. I have to make a couple changes... 

I keep falling asleep in front of the tv. Not necessarily bad. Think I posted about that once. It's nice, in a weird way. Understandable after a 12 hour day. I earn it. Maybe there is something wrong, but I think I do work a fairly long day. Ten hours with a lunch. On my feet. After that, I go home to my husband, house, and pets and yeah, am tired. It's not bad, just maybe that time could be put to better use. I spend a lot of other time thinking I should write more. Draw more. So maybe if I try for 30 minutes of writing a day to start I can work out some of the bugs. 

At Origins, I swear I spent more money at the Blick art supplies store down the street than in the exhibit hall, although I do have a sweet dice tray now. I made this deal where I will let myself spend money on art supplies. Copic markers. PENS. I bought a $20 pencil. (Kira and I had a couple beers at Barley's and then went to the art store. Uninhibited supply shopping is a thing now. Up until a year ago my go to was still firking CRAYOLA.) (I'm sorry, I like Crayola since I was a little kid. I'm not knocking it. But adult art supplies are so awesome. Like candy. Or drugs. The good kind.) 

Face is doing all of this awesome stuff with his site the Frugal GM, and making books, and maps and I'm envious. So 30 minutes. All I'm asking for a while. This post counts. 

Almost time for bed. Hope my friends are having a legendary night at Nexus in Milwaukee.