Friday, June 26, 2015


Going to lose a couple hours sleep tonight celebrating today's Supreme Court decision regarding Marriage Equality. Posting this picture because I've seen a lot of stuff today saying, well, if you're not gay this really doesn't affect you. Which is true, but at the same time, it does affect me in that I got to watch two of my best friends treated differently by the state we all call home. I knew Kira (left) before she met Jamie, saw her go through a lot of stuff to get where she is now, and yes, it does have an impact, seeing your friends get treated badly. 

Face and I were married out of state, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kira and Jamie were married in Seattle, Washington. When Face and I got home, nobody questioned our marriage. When Kira and Jamie came home, they had to jump through a billion legal hoops to get Kira's name changed and make sure they were covered if one of them were sick or hurt. Basically all of the things you would have to do if you were not married and wanted to change your name or designate who the doctor calls when you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Because Idaho didn't share Washington's opinion. Why? Because. Yeah, just because.

I haven't been to church since high school, but I still think of myself as a member of the United Church of Christ. Since 2005, the UCC has accepted gay marriage. They've fought for it. Today, not only do my friends get to have their marriage accepted in every state, my church finally gets to practice its faith the way it wants to. That also affects me. And everyone who believes in that respecting freedom of religion stuff. Affects me as in getting all teary at Starbucks reading about the decision. I'm not a teary person unless its about cats or, apparently, Mad Max Fury Road

So I'm off to raise a glass to everyone in the US being treated a little better today, but especially my friends.