Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi! I'm about to run a game of HackMaster.

This is the part where we talk about all of the other things so we can get to the game thing.

Which dice should I use?

Yeah, I'll use the Pelican case full of random dice, some that I haven't even sorted out from Origins last year. This is how desperate for rest I am: Last weekend I went to Seattle. I HAVEN'T UNPACKED YET. WHAT IS THIS UNPACKING THING? WHY WOULD I UNPACK FROM ORIGINS 2014? It doesn't surprise me that I never sorted the dice in my Pelican case. I don't write anymore. I think about how it would be great to write a thing while falling asleep on the sofa with Netflix.

"So it can live free and be cute." <--- This is in reference to a good creature they rescued. It was also the alternate title for Live Free or Die Hard.

I wish I wasn't running this and could role play being asleep like the Dwarf in the party.

"It's early, I haven't braided my beard, bucko."
"Biggest fucking wolf I've ever seen." (Rive)
Saying "point of order" gets the GM's attention.
We're calling Hanidu Xanadu for reasons. Xaaaaanadu! Sounds like Hanidu...! (I don't know the words.)
"I need to eat, sleep, and murder the undead. And pray." Takane knows what is best in life.

Resume tomorrow night. We talked too long. :P :)