Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I got sick. Like epic level sick. There was this class I was supposed to take at work to teach me how to use the auto scheduling software that I waited forever to take. When I finally got in, it was with one of my friends. Awesome! Two days before the class I started feeling weird. Figuring it was just that I was tired from work, I didn’t think about it except that I went to a Toastmasters meeting and totally couldn’t remember how to work the timer. First I put in all of the wrong settings and then I forgot to start it like five times. After that, I drank a Crooked Fence Three Picket Porter and went to bed.

I woke up with a fever.

Okay, fever, no big deal. Ibuprofen, bed. I napped for part of the morning and then part of the evening. I think. I forgot most of that day. Did not feel any better. I was still determined to make it to class the next day. I figured that as long as I was just sitting there at a computer I’d be able to handle it.

I expected to feel like crap in the morning anyway, so I hauled myself out of bed, feeling lazy and worthless, and got ready for work. Finally, I decided to ask Face for a ride in because, hey, I was getting over a fever. And then just for fun I checked my temperature, which turned out to be 101F. Meaning I had to call in sick at my location and the location I was supposed to be at for the class. To be safe, I texted my friend and asked her to give the instructor the message in case he didn’t get the first one. So began my first week on the sofa. It was mostly a blur of fevers and MASH and I rewatched all of Parks and Recreation.

The fever stuck around through Friday. Went to the doc in the box around the corner and got diagnosed with Influenza A. I don’t get named illnesses, usually. I get colds. I get bronchitis. I get kinda tired, but I don’t get the flu. I get the shot. (Vaccinations rule!) Except this year the shot didn’t match the strain of the flu, so I didn’t get that flu, I got the other one. Sweet!

That was a month ago. I got some pneumonia to go with the flu which basically killed me. I got some really epic antibiotics. And now I’m rocking an inhaler and can’t walk across the building without running out of breath. I got chest x-rays! Creepy. It is really creepy to look inside your own lungs.

Also, I learned that I can tell the exact moment that antibiotics start working. Because the day I finally got some, I was laying pathetically on the sofa watching Jack Reacher and Stardust on Netflix and by the last twenty minutes of Stardust, I suddenly realized I no longer felt like death.

This has nothing to do with gaming except that I can’t run a game of HackMaster thanks to the shortness of breath thing, but on the upside I did finally learn how to play Cards Against Humanity. The downside is that it’s completely, horribly, painful to laugh with pneumonia and Cards Against Humanity is horribly, painfully hilarious.

And somehow Face didn’t get sick, for which I am extremely thankful. Flu-monia sucks.