Thursday, July 10, 2014


As noted previously, creativity is a struggle. Most of us think what we create is of little quality. Just writing a blog post is almost impossible for me. What am I thinking about, trying this?

One of the best moments at Origins was when Craig Zipse offered to draw one of the maps our adventure. Kira had sketched out all of the maps and gave him one and the result was beautiful. He finished it the morning of the adventure. I watched him work on it a little while Jamie and I ate reuben sandwiches in the back of the booth and Jolly made fun of Craig because that's how guys talk to their friends. And I can sit there in the corner covered in reuben sauce (damn sandwich wrapper fail) and wish I was as creative as they are. Growing up I got compared to my creative brother all the time and was found lacking. Knowing I'm only supposed to draw if I can do it awesome right away is kind of a problem.

No one is great at anything right away. Craig has practice sketches. I'd like to draw the maps for my adventures and not hand it off to other people. On the last day in Columbus, Face and I went to an art store that Kira and Jamie found. I left with a stack of graph paper and pens because even though I suck, why not try it.