Monday, June 02, 2014


28. Origins 2006 was the first big convention. The first one with swag bags, con dice, and all of the D-Team. 1d6 things about Origins:

1. GAMA doesn't update the website and the Facebook page is a little quiet, but GAMA says they don't have enough volunteers. Don't bail on them. I know that stuff frustrates fans, but Origins is awesome to its event runners.
2. The reason I say give them a chance is my friends Kira and Jamie run Fandemonium in Idaho, which has been around for over ten years. It's hard work. So if helping out at a con is possible, think about volunteering.
3. I run HackMaster at Origins. I also help with set up/tear down at the Kenzer booth.
4. I get in the way more than I help, but they let me hang out anyway. ;)
5. One year I decorated their map of Tellene with weather symbols.
6. That's how I got a job as the Tellene Weather Girl.