Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three for One: Game Time

14. Sunday game night. Friends, food, and beer. And sometimes improvised soup. Face is cooking for the game tonight. About to open a beer and find out how much fun our friends had in Seattle this weekend and then roll some dice. Never forget that friends and fun is what this is all about.

15. Online game night. On occasion I play with some of the Kenzer Forum Mods. It's called the Mod Squad because there is literally no other possible name that fits better than that.

16. Convention game morning/afternoon/night. Looking forward to Origins next month. I read the HackPack's recap of their weekend at Anime Central (ACen) in Chicago and caught a bit of a con high. That "ZOMG do all the things" impulse that follows a con. I got it and I didn't even go. ^^ I need to get to some different cons next year, I think. See what ACen is like. Get up the courage to return to Gary Con. And my friend from Australia will be in the US next year. Remember, friends and fun.