Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last time on Mugful of Mayhem...

...Takane, Ginger, and Balin set out for the manor. They suited up for rain, except for Balin, who decided not to let proper cold weather protection get in the way of his weapons.

The plan was to observe the manor at a distance and then camp out for the night, returning the following day. They suspected it might not be abandoned.

Ginger found a good campsite and everyone decided on a watch rotation. Balin went to sleep, Ginger hiked a little distance away to cut branches for a shelter, and Takane learned to always keep her back to the wall or skeletons will attack your foot.

The Cleric was by the campfire, cleaning the mud from her weapons when they sneaked up on her. The campsite was up against a cliff face where Balin planned to stand watch later. He was in his tent and Ginger was away which made Takane the visible target. The first attack missed. That gave her enough time to notice the bone fingers of death at her shoulder, turn around, and prepare to swing. The second skeleton's attack hit her right in the top of the foot. (Critical hit) It broke the bone, but somehow she stayed up. Balin and Ginger came running. By the time they got there, Takane had her holy symbol out and started turning. They destroyed one and two escaped.

Examining the destroyed skeleton gave no clues to its origin. They decided to keep watch in the other direction and spent a cold night in the rain. Takane healed her foot so she could walk.

They went back to the manor in the morning and decided to explore the stable first. That led to the discovery of two Orc trainers and (my personal favorite monsters) their Orkin Wardawgs. Things got bad fast. Ginger was struck and knocked back. Balin discovered there was an Ogre in the hayloft. Takane held off the attacking wardawgs. The party killed everything, including the Greater Orkin Wardawg holed up in the back stall. Healed up again, they have to decide to stay or leave. It is late morning with the weather showing no signs of clearing up.