Thursday, May 15, 2014

I never told the story of...

13. The Raid

On June 26, 2011, these dice were liberated from the Greater Columbus Convention Center by four gamers retrieving a lost fifty cent piece. 

Among the abandoned remnants of the closed Origins Game Fair, in a tiny conference room, lay a pile of gift bags. Stuffed for attendees with various flyers and expired coupons, there were also dice inside. Little silver Crystal Caste d6 dice stamped with the year. Tiny Gamescience twenty-siders in four colors. They did not deserve such a fate as getting swept into a trash bin. 

The four of us gathered them all up and sneaked out of the cavernous building that just hours before was packed with voices and games and friends and soon to be distant memories, past the jar of peanut butter under the stairs, past the bin of unopened program boxes, and the boxes and pallet jacks and sold out soda machines. We took them back to the Marriott with the breakfast room in a bank vault where we divided up the dice like real-life treasure hunters.

The fifty cent piece was also retrieved that night, which remains one of my favorite memories of summer in the Midwest. 

These dice...have an awesome story.