Sunday, May 11, 2014


I missed posting yesterday. Sometimes it's easy to forget everything other than the workday. So 9. Escape.

I was taught to work. Hobbies and outside interests are a waste of time unless a. They teach or b. They make money. Anything that takes time, does not contribute to a clean house or a bank account or someone else's happiness, isn't worth doing. Reading fiction is a waste. Crafting is a waste--unless the craft can be sold. And games are hard and dumb.

This is what I fight with every time I write an encounter. (Am I getting paid? Waste of time.) And every year I did NaNoWriMo. (Am I publishing it? Waste of time.) And every time I make a map or sketch a magic item. (Would anyone want this? No. Waste of time.)

Fighting an Orc would be easier because the tangible end result is a dead Orc. And orcs are bad. There isn't a reason to escape and play a game for a few hours a week except it makes me happy. (Just me? Waste of time.) A GM gets around this by creating a game for other people. HackMaster saved me by giving me permission to create by making it about others.

As for the selfish waste of time it is doing something for just me, I took a leadership class at work this spring that pretty much made it part of my job.  As long as I've been ordered to have a hobby, I don't feel as guilty.

So this being Mothers' Day, a little parental advice: Teach your kids it's not going to destroy their lives if they stop worrying about cold hard reality and take a break. Someday they'll have those important jobs and the only way they'll be awesome at them is having the ability to forget them for a few hours.