Friday, May 02, 2014

40 Things

1. The first Player's Handbook

I'm in the middle. This long history with HM4, and I like 5 better. 

I'm never going to have the memories of growing up with Dungeons & Dragons. I'm never going to know what it was like to have to color the numbers on my dice or how great the art was in the first Monster Manual. We have different memories.

They were there, my husband and a lot of friends. I wasn't. HackMaster 5, I was there for. I was at Origins rolling up stats with players waiting for a demo and the books weren't even off the truck. My dice have painted numbers. I love the art in the Hacklopedia. My history is with HM5.

I love having this book. It was the first off the press. Jolly used it in his game for a while. The corner is damaged from falling off the table at Origins that year. It reminds me of Kenzer Con, where I traveled on the longest, most ridiculous flight to spend the day at the office because some friends are worth the longest, most ridiculous flights. This book is too cool to sit on a shelf. I hope it picks up more signatures and miles. 

I hope I'm the right person to have it.