Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1d4 Things

20. Hair: I have terrible hair. It doesn't grow. Jealous of all my classmates who grew princess locks seemingly overnight, I consulted various stylists that unanimously confirmed, "This is the worst hair I've ever seen." Defeated, my only recourse was writing characters that have better hair than I do. Every single one of my PCs can rock an updo and that includes Bear the human male ranger.

21. Travel: The game gave me a reason to go to new places.

22. Animal companions: Always wanted a PC that traveled with a fuzz buddy, but think how bad I'd feel if the GM killed my friend to prove a point. Also, it's hard to brush my teeth with a cat on my shoulder, let alone fight.

23: Sugar and Dice: For a while I was part of a podcast. It was totally fun and I'd love to do it again, but we are all so busy I don't know how.