Monday, April 07, 2014

I wrote this... reply to a forum post, but I didn't think it was appropriate there. My path to HackMaster 5:

I played HM4. Joined the HMA in 2003 and kept a full membership since. I ran HM4 at Origins, Gen Con, online in the Wurld Open, Fandemonium in Idaho, and CONduit in Utah. I was running HM5 at Origins before the Basic books came off the truck, along with an awesome team of GMs. We improvised around a PDF copy for our players. I run a HM5 home game that meets almost monthly. My work schedule makes it tough, but I keep going. Two of my players became HM5 GMs. I've run online games with MapTool and Roll20. I blog about life as a HM GM. I am friends with HM players of both editions across the country and Australia. I still have my HMGMA ID card. It's clipped to my ID badge at work.