Saturday, January 25, 2014


Roll 1d6p

1. I'm on Book Two, Chapter 4 of The Fellowship of the Ring. The first time I tried to read it was the year the movie Return of the King was out. I was bored to frustration with it and stopped before the hobbits reached Tom Bombadil. Now I can't close the app (put it down). Rangers have always been my favorite character class and the Rangers here absolutely rock. Not sure what changed. Maybe seeing where all the fantasy stuff I like came from? And there is one scene where Legolas didn't wear boots in a snowstorm and the GM didn't hold it against him. ;)

2. Watching Leverage. It's like the A-Team with smarter girls and fewer Jeep flips. Also no one has to be hit in the head with a board to get him on a plane. And I love it when a plan comes together.

3. Playing HackMaster play-by-post only right now. I feel like an awkward stranger. Who is an Honorary Knight.

4. A bunch of new things have been added to the KoDT Live Action Kickstarter, including movie props. The link is in the sidebar. :) They are at 52% with only ten days to go!

5. Gandalf is a really scary dude.

6. Strider is the king.

p. It's okay to be the kind of GM you want to be. There is no rule that requires the GM to kill all the characters. ;)