Thursday, January 02, 2014

iPad mini

Face used all of the Christmas money from his side of the family to get me a little iPad mini. I wasn't expecting that and now I'm feeling pretty bad about it, that I didn't deserve that. I struggled with gifts for others this year so I feel bad for having something I like given to me. I'm not at all good at knowing what people want until they hit me with "I want this. You know the problem with you is you're careless."

There are heaps of problems with me. I know that. I don't work on them as much as I should, but that's probably normal. No one is super perfect, except maybe Superman. And Batman. Batman is awesome.

Can I be Batman?

I guess I could if I wanted to, but I'm so busy trying to get to the next thing I have to do, I forget to work on stuff.

When I turned on the mini, Apple asked if I wanted to put all of my iPad apps on it. I hesitated and then I hit "no" and set it up as a new iPad. The first two things I usually add are Facebook and Twitter. I just couldn't stand the idea.

I don't know when it happened, but Facebook is killing me lately. Instead of the words my friends actually say to me, I've decided to base how much I'm loved on how many likes my cat pictures get. I know this is ridiculous. Batman wouldn't care. I bet Superman has a thousand friends. I'm the first one to smile at the incredible importance we give to Facebook in the first place. And then to cry because I've watched friendships implode over stupid things posted there. Facebook is a tool. It isn't real life. 

I'm pretty healthy about it. I have rules. 1. Never say anything I wouldn't want my boss to read. The internet is permanent. 2. Make my own content. I use my pictures. 3. Support my friends. 4. Everyone follows George Takei so I don't need to share that post even if it is awesome. Somewhere, though, my perceptions got skewed and I'm obsessed with the notifications tab. I'm literally holding my breath for the text that says "Superman replied to your status..." I'm counting "likes" and obsessively checking to see who they are from. "Superman and 3 others like your status..." WHICH 3  OTHERS? Batman, Wonder Woman, and Tony Stark!

At this point I know I have a problem. A part of me says the healthiest thing to do is quit entirely, but I'd really miss my friends. And George Takei. And I think I'm mixing the Justice League with the Avengers. 

The iPad mini doesn't have any social apps on it. I installed Pages and iBooks. Already it felt quieter. The default background is just stars, so I left it. Stars are super peaceful...for ginormous balls of fire that occasionally blow up. If I have time to freak out over Facebook, I must have more time on my hands than I realized. Time to work on the stuff I need to work on. 

Like being Batman.