Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Holds 500d20
Bags are fun. Secret pockets...dice containment... Places to hide things. There are girls that like purses and girls like me who would rather have a backpack that will fit an iPad, laptop, notebook, and a set of dice.

I have purses...cool, outdoorsy ones with secret pockets, but carrying a purse makes me feel like something I don't like. I'm confounded by the idea of the giant designer bags, as awesome as they might be. They cost a LOT more than backpacks, even the outdoorsy travel stuff I'm addicted to. I put dice in Pelican cases and I'm still coming out ahead of where I'd be if I bought designer bags. I hit the Coach website to learn how much girls spend on a giant handbag and felt a lot better about my North Face addiction. ^^ I think I'm saving money not being a regular girl.

No offense. Bags are just personal. Purse or backpack, its the same thing, just different shapes. And they have the same problems...example: changing bags. I spent some store credit at R.E.I. on an extra bag for HackMaster/Toastmasters--you know, "master" stuff--so the one I have already is just for work. And maybe it is weird and not needed and I don't know, but it is magenta and grey and big enough for a PHB and iPad. And a spork. Never go anywhere without dice and a spork.