Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Buy More

A long time ago I went to the Buy More location in Burbank, California. It was after hours. For some reason there was no freight crew stocking the shelves. Buy More has a great sense of humor, too. They had a lot of funny stuff in the fine print on their signs. ;)

Chuck is one of my favorite shows for the humor, the adorable spy family, and the retail cover story. I identified with the Buy More's Nerd Herd and Chuck's uncertainty about his future. It wasn't the most believable plot. I'm fairly certain the job title "spy" was used a bit freely. So what. One of the assistant directors on the show loved KoDT. He planted the magazines and copies of HackMaster 4E around the set. Kenzer Forum members made a game of finding them. 

I visited the set and will always regret that I did not think to ask if that director was working that day. I would have liked to meet him. Series television is a distant world of beautiful actors and mysterious Hollywood elite, but seeing those books in the background and knowing someone there liked what I liked made it different. I wish I could have talked to him. 

All 5 seasons of Chuck are available to watch on Netflix.