Sunday, December 01, 2013

1d6p Updates

1. My friend Jamie Byrd has a blog here: I'm Really Bad With Titles. Read it and leave the word "fishsticks" in the comments. :)

2. NaNoWriMo ended yesterday. I signed up, named my novel, and didn't write a thing in November. I read NaNo word sprints on Twitter and imagined writing. I envisioned ordering Odell Isolation and creating epic word counts with my friends at Old Chicago. I did none of that. There are babies and jobs and other stuff now and it was really impossible to even try without them. Also, having proven five times the 50,000 word count is fishsticks for me, it seems empty.

3. There is still time to support the Corporia Kickstarter! Not much time left, so please check it out now!

4. I learned what red beer is today. They take a perfectly good beer and put tomato sauce in it. It's like a beer bloody Mary.

I wouldn't recommend it, unless drinking it with food.

5. In tonight's HackMaster game, my wannabe knight almost died at the end of a goblin's sword, I used my Honorary Knight mulligan for the first time, and the party spent an afternoon earning a few trade coins catching two rats.

6. I'm part of a play-by-post campaign on the Kenzer and Company message boards. I *think* it is possible for anyone to read this with a forum account. Check it out for the continuing adventures of Gabriella, who participated in this blog in the story "The Monster." If its not possible, I apologize for bringing it up.

p. I have today and next Sunday off so with luck I get HackMaster games three weeks in a row. Zounds!