Thursday, November 07, 2013

So what we learned from the entire Android incident is...

I love the iPhone. And that while Android is awesome, it is just not for me. Face is now the owner of a nicer Moto X than he would have gotten for himself, thanks to his wife being an iPhone fangirl and a super patient AT&T associate named Jesse.

The best thing about this is that even though almost everyone I know is an Android fan, no one attacked me for my choice or tried to make me feel bad. I didn't get a list of reasons why I made a mistake.

The same goes for anything that has dedicated fans. Smartphones, computers, games. Let me have my fandom. You have yours. ;) 

As for the iPhone... I think it goes back to the day I got my first one, a 3G. At the time, Face had all the best gadgets. I didn't even have text messaging on my Motorola Razor. 

It might go back even further. I had to get the cheapest thing. The one that worked versus what I liked. "That'll do." "It's not like you need it." "That's for other people."

I sort of needed permission to get the phone. Face had been ordered to make his personal number a business number and I got dragged along with it. I'd have to pay his company back for my data plan every month. Fortunately everyone involved was okay with this. (Looking back, it was a screwed up thing in that when Face quit, they tried to take our numbers. The whole company phone thing shouldn't have been a thing.)

I liked my Razor, but I wanted an iPhone even if I didn't "need" one. Surprisingly, no one said "no." I remember how awesome it was to get a nice thing for no other reason than I could have nice things. Like those mysterious "other people." Like the people who could have a fun thing versus just getting by with the minimum. 

Ever since Jim the AT&T guy handed me the iPhone I watched him activate not really believing it was for me, I've had an iPhone with me every day. 

I guess it was more important than I thought. So much that I wrote this whole thing on my new iPhone 5S over three days because I only have a few minutes before I get interrupted or have to go back to work. I guess I do need an iPhone because I never get to my laptop.

Now I need a Mac.