Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm shopping for a MacBook...

...and it isn't much shopping. It's the exact right amount of shopping. I dislike shopping even though I work in retail. I like stores and I like the business, but I think people who enjoy shopping are nutbars. This makes no sense even to me. Fortunately, Mac shopping is literally the easiest shopping and all I have to do is go to the Apple store in the mall and pick one up. Happy Christmas* to me.

Yes, I know all of the reasons I should not have a Mac. I can't open it up and change things. Not that I know how to do that to a PC. Face can't help me fix it if it breaks. Okay. I don't *need* a Mac. See my last post.

I think I also need something to look forward to.

I said something about starting the HackMaster group on the adventure Mugful of Mayhem the last time we played. Next game should be the Sunday before Thanksgiving...if everyone is free. This is the worst time of year to put together a game day, so I'm just...cautiously optimistic...? I have a lot of Oktoberfest beer left to get through. And the last TWO times I had free weekends, Face had to cancel the game.

There are a few new HackMaster adventures out there, btw, one of which Face wrote based on Steve's adventure idea and maps. We played through a draft of this adventure at Gary Con and it was really fun. It's a starter adventure and a fun one that is different from the usual battle with five kobolds novice characters seem to be required to start with. A Sewer Runs Through It is available at the webstore. :)

*I've decided to adopt the UK tradition.