Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a new species, Captain

It was too much to hope for that HackMaster could be more like Star Trek.

The Hacklopedia of Beasts is designed to read a little bit like one of those field guides to birds. It has pictures, good descriptions, and even pictures of tracks and where the creature can be found on Tellene. Each monster or animal is written up by an experienced observer.

All of this makes monsters in HackMaster seem a little more interesting. Not to mention real. When I pick up a guide to North American Birds, the last thing I think of is, hey, I'd like to eat this eagle's brain.

I'm not a zombie, but it is possible the forum community is. The thread of the day is this announcement that the first HackMaster dragon will appear in the next issue of HackJournal. The face-palm of the day are the comments that follow.

I only encountered one dragon while playing 4th Edition HackMaster, but I knew about the rules regarding chowing down on dragon brain. First, ew! and second, really? Eat its brain? *sigh* IF this was Star Trek, the party would at least study the dragon. Try not to interfere with its natural development toward warp drive. Take some pictures, things like that. Nobody is eating anybody's brains in the Federation. That I remember. There probably was. Just in case some crazy Star Trek fan reads this, a reminder that I'm speaking about Federation policy in general, okay?