Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There's nothing wrong with Ohio...

...except going alone.

I don't have a good reason for going to Origins this year. I'm not needed for any events. I don't have any reason except it doesn't feel like summer without a trip to Columbus to see friends and play a little HackMaster.

It seems like fans make things so complicated. We had to work so hard at having fun. Face worked himself into a place where he did not want to do it anymore. There used to be things like tournaments and GM meetings, fights over winning and serial numbered items and fear of remembering all the rules. The only fear I have today is of flying and how much I'm scared to go by myself. I didn't think I was until I booked the trip. The reality is I'm no good at this without my husband and my friends.

So don't ever make it too hard. Roll up a PC and play. And if it gets hard, remember its supposed to be fun. Let go of the stuff making it hard. My favorite things about Origins have nothing to do with all that work. I just want to go, see my friends, get shawarma and grilled cheese at North Market (and Jeni's Ice Cream!), buy a handful of new dice. If I do nothing for five days except sit in the Bar on 2 and write, I'll be okay.