Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Electrical problems...

...are exciting. 

I went to North Market to grab a bratwurst around 4 this afternoon. I hadn't eaten anything all day thanks to a short layover at MSP and anxiety. Also turbulence. Ever taken a jeep off road? And the bumps and jostling? That was the takeoff from Minneapolis. So no food for a while. 

When I got back, all the lights were off and the fire alarms were happening. Genius that I am I assumed it was a drill. Got back to the exhibit hall in time to catch up with everyone leaving. 

And then the fire trucks came. 

Long story short the booth was just finished a little over an hour ago because we had to wait a few hours to get back in. A transformer exploded in the basement and started a small fire. Yay! 

Here are some fire trucks!