Monday, June 24, 2013

Dice of the Day: 7777

It isn't easy to make a convention report interesting. For me. I reread all of my past posts about Origins as objectively as I could and came to the following conclusions: 

Grilled cheese is good.
There is, in fact, nothing wrong with Ohio.
I worry about being invisible. 

And I've never really gone into more detail than that. (Except about the sandwich.) So I'll try and use all of my NaNoWriMo powers to make my "report" more fun.

Let's start with DICE, which are my favorite gaming accessory because they come in a variety of colors and no one will ever try to tell you that you have enough. A couple years ago, Crystal Caste made some d10,000 dice for HackMaster. 
Domo eat pretty dice!

I have some in every color.


Anyway, here is Moonshadow's d10,000 roll from one of the demo games: 

She got a 7777, which isn't a special crit result by itself except that Moonshadow decided it should be. She thought all 7's should mean something extraordinary happens: the monster is struck by lightning. And I thought...why not? So I decided that in all of my games from now on, if someone rolls a 7777 on a d10,000, it's a lightning strike. House rule. I haven't made any house rules to keep from confusing myself if I'm ever teaching anyone how to play HackMaster at an event. I admired Moonshadow's choice to make a fun rule, which fits in a game that is primarily imagination and fun anyway, right?

In the past I went to Origins and worried that I would forget the rules. I worried about that a lot. So much I lost sleep over it. We made that such a big deal, I thought I'd let everyone down if I did not remember a rule when I was asked. But I saw Steve Johansson look up rules and he wrote most of them. This year I was having fun playing and not thinking about what I might forget. I can always look it up.