Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Innkeeper's Cat

Grabbed this picture from the Facebook page And My Cat. He looks like he belongs in a fantasy RPG. ^^

At the door you see a large orange cat, his fur fluffed to protect him from the cool evening air. You get the feeling he's been here for a long time and has seen and done more than most of the travelers that pass by here. As you walk up the steps, he opens his big golden eyes and stares at your group. 

The instant someone's hand touches the door, he's at your feet and winding his way among your legs hoping for a treat. He darts ahead of you into the warm inn and races to his spot by the fire. One of the barmaids scratches his ears and says, "good evening, old kitty." He meows at her until she tosses him some scraps from a plate left behind. Then she looks to your group. 

"And good evening to you. I see he found us some weary travelers. He's a good old cat. What can we do for you?"