Monday, May 06, 2013

Lies...all lies...

It seems that almost exactly two years ago, someone posted this

Remember The Monster story I used to post? I stopped for a few reasons, among them that Gabriella and Chimi are PCs in a play-by-email game going on as we speak. I need a new story for the blog. Yesterday I read up on some of the Elves of Tellene and learned about a few new places. My plan is to begin a new story set in a to-be-determined area of the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting.
The Monster may be in attendance. I don't know if she lived. Gabriella was pretty pissed at her antics. The Monster might have tripped and fallen off a cliff or been bricked up into a wall... Either way, if she is alive, the heroes of the new story should watch their backs. :)

So there was a plan of some type, alluded to in a pretentious way. Ergh. I don't like plans. I do like randomness. My blog was hijacked by a planner, apparently, and a bad one at that since the story never happened. If a story were to happen around here, it would be random, with short installments--likely unedited--with probable mapping errors and an overabundance of cute animals. Promising something other than that is a really bad idea. And it would take two years for anything to get done anyway. Better to forget the whole thing... ;)