Sunday, May 05, 2013

A good party pays for that door they kicked in...

You know when you get tired and just feel like stretching out on the battlemat for a while? Yeah, me too.

My players are so good. Boy Scouts of Brandobia good. There's a problem at the library, they know there is a problem, and not only do they properly notify the town guard before going in, they arrange to pay for any damage that might occur in the process.

Then again... Once inside the library, they find some smugglers in the basement. Ginger, the ranger, is attacked and fending off two on her own when Balen and Takane reach her. Balen goes in swinging, knocking one bad guy back and down with a failed Threshold of Pain check. He looks back at the Takane the cleric and says, "You're not going to like this." His next action is to jump up and down on the guy, deliberately stomping on the wounds and calling it "Dwarven CPR."

Maybe not quite so good... ^^