Friday, April 12, 2013

Threads of the Day

What are you supposed to do when everything you type sounds arrogant and self-serving in your head? 

Focus on other people for a while. Therefore, new feature: forum thread of the day.

There are some beautiful discussions going on in the Aldrazar and Kalamar sections of the Kenzer & Company Forums about gods. If you like clerics, check out these fun threads. 

This is one of the threads about gods in the Aldrazar forum. Some places on the boards require forum membership to view, but I'm fairly certain Aldrazar (Garweeze Wurld) is open. This is Jolly Blackburn's homebrew world and it is amazing. He's posting all sorts of maps and pictures and randomness from his files. It's probably the most inspiring place on the boards right now. Read the threads in here and go crazy imagining what your world would be like. (I'm pretty sure my world has Time Lords.) 

Inspired by the "God of the Week" threads in the Aldrazar section, fellow forum mod George Fields started this thread in Kingdoms of Kalamar General. 

George is leading discussions of one god at a time in this thread. Tellene has this neat polytheistic thing happening, so your PC might pray to many different gods instead of choosing just one--unless your PC is a cleric. If you are curious about the gods of Tellene or thinking of playing a cleric and wonder which god to choose, this thread is full of fan-created ideas. 

Hope these are as fun for you to read as they are for me. Happy gaming!