Saturday, April 06, 2013

Gary Con V

I decided not to volunteer for anything at Gary Con. I wanted to play and nothing else. All of the conventions I go to, that's what I do. I want to help out somehow. Don't get me wrong, that's what I like. I'm proud that I was able to help a little. I'm not saying I did a lot in the past. I made mistakes. I could have done a better job at so many things. Compared to a lot of others, I didn't participate as much as I would if distance wasn't such a big factor. I live too far away from the major events to hope to help out more than once or twice in a year. The GMs in the Midwest are awesome and able to help out. I envy that. I wish I had a billion frequent flier miles so I could go do that, or lived closer, or something. I'm not even sure if my help would be accepted anymore. I'm just a little bit less mundane when I travel to roll some dice. ;)

I haven't played that much at a convention before as I did at this one. The best part of it was I was free to listen and to learn. I had a couple hours uninterrupted time with Steve, Jolly, and Barb at the Kenzer & Company booth. I playtested a demon. I learned about creating monsters and converting adventures on the fly. I paid attention to the GMs and learned things that will help in my game. I rolled dice for hours with some guys who have been friends for years and just happen to design games, too.

Dave and Steve.
At one point Dave and Steve started talking about something they were putting in the GMG. I heard what it was. I forgot. ;) What mattered is I was sitting across the table from them while they worked on their book. I took the picture because of what I think is important here--friends, creating something, adding something positive to the world. And how cool is it to watch a couple of your favorite creative people...creating. ;)

THIS is what we should be doing, kids, not beating each other up on the internet over who got the rules right or who is the best fanboy ever. Witnessing that was like creative crystal meth, that is, OMG I must go write all the things!
Some knights and a table.
I finally got to game with Barb and Jolly. ;*) It was awesome. 

Steve was awesome, too. He ran HackMaster for us for hours. :)

I hope I get to attend another Gary Con and I hope it is as fun as this one. I hope I'm still able to pull up a chair and roll some dice with other HackMaster fans someday...