Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bonus Points

Just told one of my players she got 5 bonus building points for skills for fixing her car herself.

Wondering: Is that too much?

There's that game balance question creeping in again. Fun should be part of the balance. This isn't the first time this has happened. A kitchen experiment at our house resulted in a small cloud of fruit flies hovering over the game table one night. Without thinking it through I offered ten experience points for each fly dispatched. Maybe that was too much. I stood by my offer and didn't regret it later. No one has an over powered PC because of the extra points they earned smashing fruit flies. In retrospect, the only regret is the death of the fruit flies.

Sometimes its nice to give something away, no strings. Something valuable. Building points and experience points are not empty gifts to a HackMaster player. :) Or to a HackMaster GM. It might be considered meta-gaming. It makes sense to be wary of upsetting the rules. Still, giving her the points seemed like the right thing to do. The fun thing to do. And if she thinks it is a joke, she'll find out it isn't. A GM has to stand by her decisions. ^^