Saturday, February 23, 2013

Plays well with others...

This means I want players that don't try to kill other PCs or otherwise harass the rest of the players just for the fun of it.

Back to my list.

I had a subject for this post. It was my first Origins. I was twice harassed by two different gamer boys, both long gone from my corner of the hobby. I planned to talk about that and the fallout. But then this weekend happened and I decided I'd rather say this: Check your ego.

Something about this gaming hobby... There's a lot of freedom to use your imagination. I think that involves a bit of courage, too. Putting yourself and your ideas out there for players to run with takes bravery. Some of us introverts with authority figure issues like me like to keep our creative side under wraps to avoid criticism. This gaming thing is an exercise in sharing what otherwise wouldn't be shared. And as a player, you're expected to step into a PC's shoes a little bit and try to think like another person. Add to the mix an online message board where members make up names, add a picture of their choice, rate the other's posts, and share their opinion on what ends up being a fiercely personal creative endeavor and things are going to get all explosive. Ermahgerd! Feelings!

Ego check. Is the upsetting thing that much of a bad thing? Some examples taken from past experience include: 1. A girl at the table. 2. More than one girl at the table. 3. The DM's PC that seems to get all of the past treasure. 4. The blanket warning from a forum moderator to keep a thread on topic. 5. Another GM makes a different call than you would if you were behind the screen. I've seen situations develop out of all of those.

My take on this: Check your ego. I don't mean at the door. Some of the worst advice I ever lived by was "don't stand up for yourself because people won't like you." It's okay to stand up for yourself. It is not okay to treat everyone as if they are beneath you.