Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The earth...

...is orbiting the sun as usual and has no idea the critters living on it have declared today the beginning of a "New Year" based on what a long dead church leader said once. (Maybe its time to go for a new calender with months titled after things of recent importance, but then we'd probably just end up with the months of Kardashian and Microsoft.)

Emo Kitty celebrates 2013.
It's that arbitrary time of year when people resolve to do things better. Every year I make a short list with "write more" on it. Write more what I don't know. This time I'm setting specific writing goals. Let's get this over with.

List 2013:

1. Write two HackMaster posts for the blog each week. One can be a Dice of the Day, PC of the Day, or another easy topic. One has to have at least three paragraphs about the game.
2. Write and submit one article for HackJournal every three months. I would like to make this one article per month, but I'm going to set the goal at three so I can try to beat it.
3. Apply to be the Boise Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo 2013.