Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Orcs care a lot about player conduct at the gaming table...

As mentioned yesterday: the HackMaster group wants to add one or two new players.

I support leaving gaming groups alone to develop at their own pace. As I've stated before, my experience with collecting players from postings at the game store or other random places has not been positive. The most glaring example is the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 group that I managed to destroy by not keeping my mouth shut when I should have. I made friends in that group and I lost them because I was stupid and stuck up and noisy and a lot of other things. The experience helped teach me that the best groups are the ones that evolve when friends want to play together and I stand by that statement.

Then I was captured by orcs and forced to say what I really hoped my HackMaster players would be. The following is the list I gave the orcs.

1. A player should read the books and understand her part of the rules. I have a ton of things to keep track of as a GM. She should know how to figure out her own attack bonus and not need to ask what it is every time her character swings her sword.
2. I appreciate it when a player gives the game most of his attention. Since I use an iPad for quick access to core books and HackJournals, I think it's hypocritical to ban all technology. Besides, we have had fun posting memorable lines from the game to Twitter. I'll let all of the players have phones, tablets, and laptops, but they have to pay attention to the game instead of playing Angry Birds. Playing Angry Birds at the table = honor hit.
3. Play well with others. This means I want players that don't try to kill other PCs or otherwise harass the rest of the players just for the fun of it.
4. Girls are often the target of unsolicited "help" from other players. I don't want to hear a player say "This is what you should do..." unless the other player specifically asked for advice.
5. Be open. We all have our favorite games or edition of a game. I appreciate players that are willing to give a system that is new to them a fair chance.

While the orcs read the list, I escaped! ;)