Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lost a Player...

...to kobolds!!! Nah, not really.

He decided to leave the group for reasons and that's okay. It always seemed like he was looking for a different kind of game than the one I run. Moving on is okay. Change is a thing. If he needs to do something else, I'm fine with that.

I will miss him at the game, though. He put a ton of thought into his characters and while the others teased him about it, I thought that was cool. He stuck to his character concepts and was the king of improvised weapons. The following is a list of things he threw at monsters: A sledgehammer, a light crossbow, several dead kobolds, a torch, and a shoe that famously killed a kobold that was down to its final hit point. That story made it all the way to Tales From the Table in KoDT.

The group wants to add more players now. So they are looking for some new kobold victims... I mean PCs... ;)