Sunday, December 02, 2012

NaNo Post Game

I wasn't feeling it this year.

A few things that were different: Boise did not have a Municipal Liason (ML) in 2012. I might apply for the job in 2013, assuming I even qualify.

I did not get NaNo Pep Talks in my email. They went to my NaNoMail which meant I had to remember to go look at them instead of seeing them in my regular inbox. I am so used to getting regular emails from NaNoWriMo that it was strange and silent not to see their stuff in my gmail. That and the lack of the ML contributed to a feeling of being out on my own until I went to the site. Since I 'liked' NaNo's Facebook page, I was informed that they were having problems with their emails making it through spam filters this year. If not for Facebook, Twitter and @NaNoWordSprints, it would have been super lonely. ;)

I know it is all volunteer and one of those things where you get from it what you put in, but there was a different vibe this year and I think the lack of pep talks in my Gmail had something to do with it. It might also be that I've done this six times now. And will undoubtedly do it again, but maybe modify the challenge. Try to get to 60,000 words or (insert un-thought-of challenge here).

As for the "novel," it is going to require a LOT of editing and I think it might end up being more of a short story. Apparently, I can create amazing settings. However when it comes to anything actually HAPPENING in those settings, I struggle. I found one page that I really love and I think will be the starting point for the rewrite.