Friday, December 28, 2012

How (Not) To Be A HackMaster Blogger

I imagine the best way to not be a HackMaster blogger is to talk about toys and NaNoWriMo for a month.

Face was GM in November. He offered to run an adventure while I slogged through National Novel Writing Month for a sixth time. As I mentioned before, I wasn't into it. I'd rather get back to working on HackMaster. 

The group has PCs in two places. Four of them are in the Frandor's Keep area waiting for the next official adventure in that area to be released. I'm willing to write things for them to do, however I don't want to have it conflict with Mines of Chaos. The rest of the group is up at the top of the map, heading to the north side of Voldor Bay. That's the group I'm working on killing--I mean, writing an adventure for--now. 

(I'm just kidding. I'm not trying to kill anyone. If a character dies while stabbing at a monster with something pointy, it's on him since I told him it was a monster.)

The thing is, it's tough for me to start writing. I have the adventure sketched out in my head. That's where it is going to stay unless I get it together and start writing.