Monday, December 03, 2012

Greetings LEGO:

You make the best toys. I love your stuff. I visited your site to see if the Millennium Falcon, my all-time favorite starship, was still available. It was a long shot, and it says it’s out of stock, but one can ship in 30 days. Yay! Like a lot of girls, I’m a longtime Star Wars fan.

I searched your online store for a while to see what else you had. That’s when I found out that you consider “girls” to be a category, like “keychains” or “vehicles.” And while this might seem like a good way for people to find the Friends toys, I’m sad that a company that makes toys for kids would separate girls this way.

There is no “boys” category. Does this mean “boys” don’t deserve one? That they are not special enough? Wow, that’s kind of sad, too.

While I’m super happy that the “girls” category links to more than just the Friends collection, I wish there was not a category at all. I wrote that down when your survey asked me what one thing I’d change about your website.

My favorite LEGO toys when I was a kid did not have any pink or purple bricks in them. Increasing the number of colors available is awesome. I hope that is the only thing. I hope you guys don’t fall into the same trap of gender-specific marketing that a lot of other toy companies seem to. I’d like my niece Anna to know she can play with whatever she wants, not just the stuff on the mostly pink “girls” aisle. Your company is one of the best alternatives to this.

I’d like to stop being part of a category, please.

Thanks for making cool toys,
--An adult fangirl with a complete collection of LEGO Avengers