Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Show some love...

It's Donation Day over at and I know its almost over, but I had to say something anyway. I was working all day. Work, the stuff ordinary people do to get money. Simple concept, really. Which leads me into this thing I'm seeing on Facebook. People post one thing a day they are thankful for. Must be a November thing. Since I'm starting late, here's a few:

I'm super thankful to work for a company that will let me buy health insurance for my husband, too. Not everyone is lucky enough to even get to go to the doctor--WTF anyway?--and I'm super grateful every day to work at a place that takes care of us. It's normal to be frustrated at work some days and to disagree with the company at times, but really? I am so damn lucky compared to a LOT of people in the U.S. btw, anyone notice Dr. McCoy* took care of everyone without asking for proof of insurance? Yeah? Yeah. Also, my job is mostly fun and the people I work with are super sweet. <3

NaNoWriMo for inspiring creativity among the masses... I participated for four years without donating. This year I gave back by making a 10$ donation for each year I wrote a novel. Including the years my novels sucked so much I wanted to set my laptop on fire. I got the sweetest golden halo bracelet...that Krystal chewed in half in a spite filled rant while I was in Spokane to see the Dropkick Murphys last week. I...want another one and am trying to figure out a reason to fork over some more cash to get a replacement. And also a cat muzzle. For cats that chew things. Anyway, if you are or ever have been a Wrimo, today is a good day to show them some love.

And I'm thankful that I have this blog because it is tons prettier than the goofy journals I wrote stuff in as a kid. :P It also has 100% more HackMaster.

*If you don't know Dr. McCoy from Star Trek, I recommend looking him up.