Thursday, November 01, 2012


In "No Plot No Problem," Chris Baty suggests keeping a favorite book handy while writing a NaNo novel. The book is there to answer grammar questions or help with writing. I don't know about everyone else, but I want to write more after reading a good book.

I have two. We might as well talk about the one that freaks everyone out first.

I read "Twilight" when it first came out, before the movies and Kristen Stewart and OMG boys! I have a different perspective, I think. I don't see Edward as controlling as much as he's freaked out he will hurt Bella. ;) And Bella in the novel is funny, smart, and yes--awkward and unsure of herself. While those traits immediately make most people hate her before getting to know her, Bella reminds me of how awkward and messed up I was as a teenager. Twilight is what it is--a romance novel. Knowing that, I don't expect Bella to be a rocket scientist already at 16. I've never liked reading about girls so unrealistically smart no one can match them. Bella was average like me. I also appreciate the different take on the vampires. That's why it is one of my reference books. Stephenie Meyer made changes to the traditional vampire character. Say what you want about sparkling or vampire families, the point I'm trying to get to is she did something different and I respect that.

"Sunshine" gets more respect, I guess because Robin McKinley wrote it and Sunshine doesn't fall in with a vampire...oh, wait. :P And Sunshine wants to go to college more than anything else and get all the degrees...oh, yeah, she doesn't. She got a job after high school. :P :P But she doesn't like any boys...oh, wait, she likes two. :P :P :P Anyway, I got this one out because of the subtle, matter-of-fact way fantasy elements are woven into the story, something I'd like to be able to do.