Sunday, October 21, 2012

NANO 2012!!!

I think I should make National Novel Writing Month count for something and the right opportunity presented itself this year.

Note: I think this every year. I participated for the first three years just to do it and the next two because my friends did it, too. The idea was to "get creative!" and every damn year I did the same thing--I totally dropped the ball when November ended. "Yep, that's over, good job everyone." And that's it. Last year I got a few HackMaster stories out of my November novel...and did the same damn thing. Promised to write great adventures. Did. Not.

This year, my friend and experimental podcasting collaborator and fellow Wrimo, Science Fox creator Foxy Kazoo had a baby. The idea was floated that those of us doing NaNo--iunonis and I, maybe Kira--should write stories for said baby. I agreed to this back in the spring and now its time to pay up. Except I write fantasy, usually YA, and not so much children's stuff.

Here is the loophole I decided to use. When I was a kid...and recently...I'm annoyed by the thing that, in fantasy settings, women have to be second-class, wives and mothers only, oppressed, can't inherit the throne because--you know, girl, etc. I was annoyed that Cattie-Brie took levels in Mage when she was such an awesome fighter in the Drizzt series. The girl can be a mage or priestess, maybe an archer, but never a melee fighter.

Fantasy role-playing games dispense with this stuff so why don't writers? Fantasy books written by women that feature societies with oppressed women annoy me most. It's a fantasy setting. Just because this happened on Earth in the Middle Ages does not mean the same thing has to be true in a made-up world. Because it's, you know, made up. Imaginary. Not real. It's in your head!

I don't ever want to read these words again: "If only she were a man, what a great king she would have been." Too bad we have to give the throne to her husband/creeper cousin/twin brother. Unless that forwards the story, its stupid. It goes both ways, too. If the guy can't be king for the same reason--gender--and it has nothing to do with the story, its equally stupid.

If other people like writing about that stuff, fine, go for it, but it bugs me. I decided what chibi-Foxy should have is a book about a place where gender is not a qualifier. The girl can be king if she's good at it and the guy can study magic or raise a kid if he's good at it. I'm going to write about the stuff I wanted to see so she has it, just in case she agrees with me.

And I have to edit it, since I'm giving it to someone, meaning no more dropping the ball in December.

And it will have spaceships, Mars, the Moon, and robots in it. I want to see that stuff, too. ;)