Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back at the table...

I'd paint stars on my floor if my floor was made of stone.
...after a three week hiatus, the HackMaster group spent the first part of the session stocking up on supplies for a long overland trip. Again, I don't really mind shopping expeditions, but there's just something about coming up with all of the prices that makes me impatient. ;) When the party is in a big enough city, I let them shop at book prices to keep things moving. There are plenty of items they ask for that are not in the books for me to set prices on. If it's a backwater town with only one store, that's different. I'd just rather let them spend their silver and get to the story.

I had extra time today, so I drew the rooms in the abandoned house the party had the option of staying in on night 4 of their trip. A couple of things about that: I'm awful at architecture. I always forget the kitchen and don't know how stairs work. And I drew blue stars on the floor. I imagined the house once belonged to a mage and he decorated accordingly. I did not expect the players to be so worried about the stars. One walked around them, another asked if they were really blue, and a third asked for an Arcane Lore Skill Check to see if they meant anything. :) The attention to detail was awesome...and sad since the stars were an afterthought and I couldn't reward them for their caution by telling them they are something cool. They really are just decoration. I wonder what else that mage did to his house and what happened to him...?

They fought the "Huge" Spiders from the Hacklopedia inside the house. I haven't used spiders before. They have some pretty scary poison. Balin was bitten twice. I might have gotten Felidor, too, except for my damn dice rolling 1's to attack on my first two tries! Face's dice were even harder on him, but he still made his saving throws when Balin was bitten. A 1 on a save versus this spider's poison means death.

I want to get back to drawing maps and rooms again instead of making them wait while I sketch it on the battle mat. Saves time and is more fun. I get to use crayons. (I'm five.)