Sunday, September 02, 2012


Game Night:
Krystal waits all week for Jamie to put her bag on the floor.
Can we stop managing our battles?

I'd provide examples of this particular phrase, but I'd feel bad for singling people out.

After reading a short recap of a combat encounter today that included the phrase "managed to" twice, I realized...I think I see that wording a lot. I could be wrong, of course--I usually am.

"After taking 48 hit points of damage, we managed to kill it."

"It took out the cleric and the mage, but the fighter finally managed to kill it."

"The battle was long and brutal yet we managed to survive."

What is wrong with saying "we killed it," "it" being a monster or other Big Bad Guy in a combat encounter? It cleans up the sentence and increases the drama.

"I took 48 points of damage, but I killed it!"

"It took out the cleric and the mage before the fighter killed it with a mighty swing of his battle axe!"

"The battle was brutal, but we survived to fight another day!"

Does the word "manage" add to the description of the combat or is it one of those extra words that sneaks in unnoticed?