Monday, September 03, 2012

It's over when I say it is...

This happens every week.
I swear I'm not putting up the same picture again. that? ^^

All hell broke loose at the famous hospital in Crandolen last night when the group discovered it was occupied by the missing Rotlord cleric, a few new followers, and some hired goons. I had a feeling it would, since the hospital is run by the Church of Everlasting Hope.

The game started at about seven and ran until I don't even know when. Past the point I was starving and tired. I had to do one of those things I hate to do which is throw down and take control back even though we were having fun. I needed food, you know? I sort of wish there was some kind of GM exercise plan because it seems like I should burn a thousand calories keeping up with all the things I need to keep up with. And when I reached the breaking point, I realized...wait--why am I killing myself?

We take these games seriously. People jump on the internet to expound on what a GM must and will do to be considered 'good.' But this is our living room, our friends, and our cat asleep on the backpacks lying under the table. It's supposed to be fun and ultimately not so serious we have to forgo food and water to keep up. It's not a competition. 

It's different for the GM. That person does not get a break, can't eat while running the action, and is the one who needs to be well rested, fed, and...possibly drunk. The only reason I ran a session as long as last night's turned out to be was that I had the day off. Normally I've been up since 3:40 in the morning on a Sunday. Keeping a game going past midnight is impossible under normal conditions. And I'm kidding about the drunk part. Everyone wanted to keep going since today is a holiday. I still have to work, but not until later and I wanted to do what the group wanted. Until it got bad enough I opened a Pepsi at eleven PM. ^^ And then someone said to me, "don't worry, we're almost done..." and I thought wait. How do you know that? You assume the story is going where you think its going? *smirk* You have no idea. And I'm tired. And I think I should get a vote in the decision to say when we are done...or not. So, we're done...because I said we're done. Until next week. When I will have to bring food. Screw the food ban. Thank god we haven't enacted a beer ban.