Monday, September 10, 2012

If something is off...

Dwarven Pile Driver:
1. Get a running start.
2. Leap the table.
3. Use NPC to break your fall.
...try fixing it.

I have a high tolerance for minor pain. In the past I'm willing to sit at the game table starving because of the food ban. I was raised to believe it is mega-bad manners to eat in front of another person--especially in your own home. The correct thing to do is have enough to share or don't do it, or if your guest is male, prepare food for him and don't eat yourself because, you know, calories! Getting a little fat!

Fat or not, I get headaches if I can't eat when I'm hungry. There's no choice at work, but at home it should be okay to get a snack even if someone is looking over my shoulder. The food ban consisted of us saying Face wasn't going to cook for everyone anymore, not that players can't bring their own food. I wasn't eating because I was scared to look like a jerk. Last night instead of grazing leftovers I knew wouldn't be enough to keep me going, I picked up a pizza and got a snack ready just in case. Everyone brought something of their own to eat so I didn't feel bad taking care of myself.

Which is kind of the point. Don't feel bad to take care of yourself. It's okay to do that.